Sewing: Make-up bag to go

It´s a tiny make-up bag, so only for the essentials one might need during the day 😉 it measures 15,5x9cm and has an inserted pocket


20160228_174357  20160228_17454220160228_175008



– 34x12cm of fabric, lining, fusible fleece

– 9,5×11,5cm of lining for the inner pocket

– 92cm of satin binding, 3cm wide

– zipper, 12cm long

1,5cm seam allowance included, unless stated otherwise.


  1. Press the fusible fleece on the WS of the fabric piece.
  2. Cut off two 34cm and two 12cm pieces from the lining. Place them along the long and short edges of the fabric piece, with the binding and the raw edges matching.
  3. Take the piece for the inner pocket. With a zigzag stitch, finish all edges. Then, fold the side and bottom edges in 1cm and press. Fold the upper edge 1cm in twice, press and topstitch. Place it RSU on one of the lining pieces RSU, in the centre and 3cm down from the top edge. Topstitch the bottom and the side seams.
  4. Fold the fabric piece in half RST (creating a crease parallel to the short edges) and sew along the bottom and side. At the top edge, make one seam 1,2cm long on each side:                                                                                                                                                                                                                CGE381
  5. Repeat with the lining piece.
  6. With RSO, fold in 1,5cm of the upper edge of the fabric piece. Press. Repeat with the lining.
  7. Put the lining into the fabric piece WST. Pin the zipper in between fabric and lining, be careful to leave at least 4mm between the zipper teeth and the lining to prevent it from getting stuck when using the zip. Carefully, try to open and close the zip before stitching. Then stitch the zip in using your zipper foot.


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