Sewing: Purse

As almost every woman out there, I own a large wallet that doesn´t fit in small handbags. I sewed this tiny purse. It has only room for coins and notes, but not for cards, so probably, I will sew a bigger wallet that fits in small pockets but also spacious enough for cards, passport photos or tickets.       … Read more →


Sewing: Laptop Bag

Somehow I never bought a case for my laptop. I didn´t want the usual uni colour zipper case, so when I started sewing my bag set, I decided to try sewing a laptop bag as well. Using fleece is quite important in this pattern, since, apart from adding „boxiness“ to the bag, it also protects your laptop.      The… Read more →


Sewing: Make-up bag to go

It´s a tiny make-up bag, so only for the essentials one might need during the day 😉 it measures 15,5x9cm and has an inserted pocket        Cut: – 34x12cm of fabric, lining, fusible fleece – 9,5×11,5cm of lining for the inner pocket – 92cm of satin binding, 3cm wide – zipper, 12cm long 1,5cm seam allowance included, unless… Read more →


Sewing: Toilet Bag

After having finished my travelling bag, I made a matching toilet bag. I used the same fabric and binding, but added a piping. As lining, I decided for a piece of shower curtain I found in my fabric boxes. Shower curtain came in quite useful since it is water proof, but as long as you don´t put any soaking wet towels… Read more →


Sewing: Travelling Bag

Last month, I started sewing this weekender (as part of my first selfmade set of matching bags/ purses). It really cost some nerve and patience, but here it is at last. It measures 52 x42 x23cm and is perfect for a 2-4 day trip. There are so many possibilities for choosing fabric. I wanted something rather fancy, and found this dog… Read more →